Prakhar Verma

Prime Minister Research Fellow IIT Kharagpur

About me

I am a third year Prime Minister Research Fellow in School of Energy Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. I am jointly supervised by Prof Sreeraj Puravankara (School of Energy Sc. & Engg.) and Prof Jayanta Chakraborty (Dept. of Chemical Engg.).

My area of research is focussed in development of a theoretical model to study the charge transport mechanism in Li metal cells and the subsequent dendrite growth. Li metal cells are one of the potential candidates for building high energy density storage devices. The major challenges in development of such devices are dendritic growth which reduces the coulombic efficiency and ultimately short-circuits the cell.

The results of this research will attract top-seeded researchers and experimentalists in the area of Lithium metal energy storage devices across Universities and Academic Institutions. The invaluable feedback and the prototype developed from this project will also assure industrial/R&D collaborations for realizing practical devices.

Courses Done

Energy Materials - ES60004

Fluid Mechanics - ME60011

German - HS51604

English for Technical Research - HS63002

Computational Skills

Continuum Modelling (MATLAB, COMSOL Multiphysics, MOOSE Framework)

MD Simulations (GROMACS, LAMMPS)

Density Functional Theory (Gaussian 16)

Programming & Web Design (C++, HTML, CSS)

Publications and Awards

Verma, P., Erimban, S., Kumar, N., Daschakraborty, S., Nayak, A. & Kumar, S. 2019, "Influence of Coulombic Interaction on the Interfacial Self-Assembly of Discotic Liquid Crystal Amphiphiles: A Combined Experimental and Computer Simulation Study", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 123, no. 27, pp. 16681-16689.

Nagmani, Pahari, D., Verma, P. & Puravankara, S. 2022, "Are Na-ion batteries nearing the energy storage tipping point? – Current status of non-aqueous, aqueous, and solid-sate Na-ion battery technologies for sustainable energy storage", Journal of Energy Storage, vol. 56.

Nagmani, Verma P., & Puravankara, S. 2022 "Jute-Fiber Precursor-Derived Low-Cost Sustainable Hard Carbon with Varying Micro/Mesoporosity and Distinct Storage Mechanisms for Sodium-Ion and Potassium-Ion Batteries", Langmuir, vol. xx

Insights into the Morphological Evolution of Mossy Dendrites in Lithium Symmetric and Full Cell: Prakhar Verma, Sreeraj Puravankara, Jayanta Chakraborty [Under Review]

Institute Silver Medalist (Batch 2018 IIT Patna)

Best MTech Project (Batch 2018 IIT Patna)


IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, 721302

Phone: +91 9717592052

Email: prakharverma@iitkgp.ac.in